Fine hair hairstyle trends for 2014

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The summer of 2013 is coming to an end and that means only one thing – hairstyle trends for 2014 are coming and you need to make sure to follow them in order to maintain your style. Overall having fine hair is a great thing since there are many haircuts and hairstyles you can choose from. Of course new looks and designs are created by famous hairstylists from all over the world who are responsible for creating new 2014 collection.

Short fine hair hairstyle trends for 2014

As with all previous years how your fine hair looks is defined mostly by the length of your hair. Just based on that alone you’ll be able to find what works best for you by looking at the latest hairstyle for fine hair photos and looks for 2014.

Best hairstyle trends for fine hair in 2014

Hairstyles for fine hair 2014

But let’s first start with hair colors. The easiest way to change how you look is by simply changing your hair color. Based on your skin tone you can find the color that works best for you. If you are pale then perhaps having a black hair might not be the best idea. In 2014 we can expect many brown tones of fine hair and some red colors that will look trendy and stylish.

Here are a few tips on how to create a look that works best for you. Let’s start with short fine hairstyles. If you hair is short then simply apply some texture product to damp hair, and let it dry naturally. Once it is dry, apply some styling wax and rake it through your hair.

What about if medium hairstyles for fine hair? Well in this case I would suggest to apply shine serum to damp hair and part down the center. Blow dry it and then use flat iron to straighten your hair. This way your hair will look natural and elegant, yet you will maintain you young look which is something 2014 is all about.

If your fine hair is long and you love to have highlights then try applying smoothing cream and blow dry hair straight using a round brush. Put on some wax and to create that cool edgy look.

Bangs are another great way to go. You might want to use spray gel but try avoiding placing it on your bangs. You will need to blow dry them but please use vent brush. At the end use strong hairspray to keep them in place.

Above you will find gallery of a few hairstyle suggestions that might help you find new look for next season. If you are already satisfied with the way you look then I would suggest to leave your fine hair as it is and perhaps focus more on clothing and accessories. Remember if something works for you then don’t change it.

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