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The music of the singer, Bruno Mars, has been heard in many parts of the world, yesterday was one of those chosen to sing at the Grammys with Sting, his inseparable that accompanies him everywhere, even use it on the last parade Victoria Secret Angels.

Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013

The romanticism of the lyrics has won over many fans around the world; however, Bruno Mars’s heart belongs to one woman, Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 Jessica Caban. She is the girlfriend of Bruno Mars A stunning model, actress and dancer in New York is Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013. Although many U.S. media say the couple spent more than a year of relationship, the truth is that no one knows exactly when their romance began. Yes, Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013 Caban handles shout their love from the rooftops by Mars through social networks, as is clearly shown in this photo posted next to the words: “My moonshine”.

The singer Bruno Mars and his girlfriend, Jessica Caban, you know what it is to have an army of loyal fans but obsessive. The Grenade shell has expressed concern for the safety of his girlfriend, threatened to kill some time. And it is that the followers of the Puerto Rican performer not accept its relationship with the model and Bruno Mars girlfriend 2013. Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban did not want to wait and have already hired a bodyguard for the model that has already suffered a first-person verbal attack. One of the fans of singer Jessica approached the exit of a New York club to insult.

Following the death threats he received, and concern both to the model as Bruno Mars, the couple has decided to hire a bodyguard to accompany the singer’s girlfriend whenever it go to some event. Also, from now on, the girl will be very careful with publishing on Twitter the places you plan to visit. While concerned about his girlfriend, Bruno Mars continues his unstoppable career. Bruno Mars is the ultimate revelation of the soul, got his debut, Doo-Wops & Hooligans, winning the Grammy in 2011 as best international male artist. And this year was nominated again now with their second album, Unorthodox Jukebox. His name is Peter Gene Hernandez, son of Puerto Rican father and Filipino mother. However, worldwide known as Bruno Mars, young soul artist with his debut, Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010), accumulated awards and more awards and managed to be honored by the Grammy 2011 as the best international male artist. It is unknown when he began to use his trusty hat, but the truth is that it has become one of their badges in which to act, either within their world tour or on the last show of the Angels of Victoria Secret. Mars has performed with Sting, Rihanna and teen phenomenon Justin Bieber. Already have success as recognized as “Just The Way You Are”, “Grenade”, “The Lazy Song” or “It Will Rain”.

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