Sticky Meches Foils for Elegant and Natural Hair Highlights Colours

With the innovative Sticky Meches foils, the international educational hairstylist Primoz Kersic started writing a completely new story on hair highlights.

Sticky Maches Highlights Foil

As the market did not offer a product, which would have provided him with so many possibilities of highlight treatment techniques, he decided to develop something new, where lovely iridescent highlights create a natural look, something different and highly elegant.


When developing Sticky Meches foils, he paid special attention to the fact that the hairdresser, when applying the technique, can be fast, creative and innovative, develop unique tones and techniques and thus also develop his or her growth and the growth of the salon. The foils enable unlimited creation of diverse shades and tones of colours, which will transform your hair into an elegant rainbow of modern and shiny colours.

Sticky Meches for natural looks, beautiful iridescence, more shades, different and high elegance for everyone!

Sticky Meches foils are unique. They are made from eco-friendly paper and hold the FSC certificate. No trees had to be cut down because of them and the adhesive is water-based. They are light and simple to use and the hairdresser can adapt their length at will, as they are supplied on a roll.

Primo┼ż decided to develop a completely new and innovative product, as the existing products being offered in the market did not provide him with such possibilities of hair dyeing and colour iridescence.


The effects, which hairstyling masters can achieve with Sticky Meches foils, can be gentle and natural or very rich in contrasts, as they allow unlimited creativity of each individual hairdresser.

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