All about Taylor Lautner girlfriend 2014

Taylor Lautner (19), a young actor who is beloved by teenage girls around the world, is not just another pretty face (and body) in Hollywood. Senior colleagues were full of praise for him, and especially impressed by his astonishing maturity for his age and dedication. But what is about Taylor Lautner girlfriend 2013?

Taylor Lautner Girlfriend 2013

Taylor in the saga ‘Twilight’ plays werewolf Jacob Black has discovered that he can win the girl in that I completely trust and girls who are not afraid to be who they are. Although at first glance it looks rough, Taylor says he has always been very open when it comes to emotions. With all his former girlfriends (mentioned were among other well-known Taylor Lautner girlfriend 2014 Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift), he remained on good terms.

‘Of course, at first I did not want to even look at a picture of a former Taylor Lautner girlfriend 2014. I was broken and very sad. Fortunately, I have a great family that I have a close relationship and we talked a lot, and that’s really helped. However, in the end things turned out great for me. I had a lot of luck, because there was never anything so dreadful as that I ever wanted to see the person or delete someone’s mobile number. I managed to stay on good terms with all his former girlfriends, “reveals the young star, who despite numerous speculations still in connection with a colleague from the film ‘Abduction’, sweet Taylor Lautner girlfriend 2014 Lily Collins.

As it says Seventeen, Taylor is a young actress visited the photo session for the magazine, and Lautner introduced her to everyone as his girlfriend. Unlike many of his colleagues from the world of showbiz girls who are changing on a daily basis, Taylor likes to be in constant communication.

Latest interview with Taylor Lautner
‘When I’m in a relationship, I surrender completely to that person. I want that person to be handed to me. I love it when they can rely on someone. This is why I respect the most loyalty and honesty, “says Taylor. The young actor has admitted that he is attracted to people who have a lot of interest, like him, a goal in life and are constantly in a ‘moving’. ‘Yes, I love being in the company of people who are hard-working. Above all, I detest laziness. I could never be with a lazy girl. I respect people who love what they do and who, with a lot of passion approach everything in life, “he says.

‘I think that if you do not have any goals, you can accomplish anything. I think it would be great to get an Oscar one day. I know that this is something that every actor dreams of, but I will fight for it. I have the time ‘, says Lautner.

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