Tony Stewart girlfriend Jessica Zemken

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First I must told you something more about Tony Stewart! After that you will read more about Tony Stewart girlfriend Jessica Zemken! People’s thinking

Tony Stewart is an American auto racing driver and owner!

He won in many titles, such as Indy cars, stock cars, USAC Silver Crown cars, and because of that he is known as a one of the most famous and finest car racers of younger generation. You have probably heard about rumors which includes his present girlfriend, or just a speculation, Tony Stewart girlfriend Jessica Zemken, a racing driver in World of Outlaws and Sprint cars.

Tony Stewart girlfriend Jessica Zemken

There were some talks about these two breaking up, but do you believe it?! Neither do I! When you are a famous person in the world of sport, people are all over you to show some parts of your personal life. That is something often, and they are used to that! If Tony doesn’t want to say anything about that, you can read it hear!

Love will beat all the obstacles!

Tony Stewart girlfriend

It is known that Tony Stewart doesn’t like to talk about his personal life, but press assumed that maybe the reason for his good ride is the fact that the relationship with Jessica Zemken isn’t good enough, and that this is a good way for him to let himself go with the flow. On Tony Stewart girlfriend Jessica Zemken facebook page there are all kinds of stories which include her boyfriend, or a past boyfriend. People are noisy about this story, because it includes two young people, both in racing car sport, both successful in the thing they do! Tony was born in Indiana, and he was successful in the early years of his life, he won World Karting Association. Some years later he even won the USAC’s version of the Triple Crown. Gossip, or something serious?!

Jessica Zemken

Tony Stewart girlfriend Jessica Zemken is his college driver, they have been drawing attention from the moment they turned up together in one of his races, but then was suspected that she is just a girl who spends time with him on the court! Tony Stewart girlfriend Jessica Zemken is often with him on his races, even though he was known as a heartbreaker, who changed girl after a small time dating!

So who is Jessica Zemken? tony stewart girlfriend jessica zemken

Because of this couple, internet pages went crazy, there were stories all over the world blog about possible love. It is like that when you are famous! People and press are stocking them, so the rumors will go on spot, are they or they aren’t a couple, maybe the most famous in car racers history! Tony’s nickname is “Smokey”! It is a nickname for races, which is sometimes used as his only name!

Latest Tony Stewart and Jessica Zemken News

Tony was involved in fatal car crash accident on On Saturday August 9, 2014 at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park. Although the details have not yet been known, he allegedly run over a fellow racing driver. So far not Tony or Jessica are giving any statements although it is believed he will take some time away from racing.

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