Who is Wentworth Miller girlfriend?

Prison Break really has an army of fans from all around the world and it is partially due to the good looking leading actors as well. When he first appeared there were ladies from all around the globe that went crazy about him. He is Wentworth Miller and he is one of the most popular actors nowadays. So here we are to give you some info on his professional life and then on his personal life trying to answer the questions of many fans out there – who is Wentworth Miller girlfriend?

Wentworth Miller girlfriend

Things to know about Wentworth Miller career

In the beginning we should say something about the amazing professional life and career of Wentworth Miller. For those of you that do not know, Wentworth Miller was born on the 2nd of June in 1972 in England, UK. When he was really young he moved to Los Angeles in order to start his acting career. The first role in his life was in the most popular TV series back than named Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In 2005, his career blossomed when he was chosen for one of the leading roles in the popular and still watched TV series named Prison Break. This is where Wentworth Miller earned himself an army of fans in the entire world. Besides being an actor, such good looking guy is also a model and yet surprising he is also a producer and a screenplay writer. However, let’s talk some more on his personal life, as I am sure that you are interested to find out who Wentworth Miller girlfriend is.


Things to know on Wentworth Miller personal life

There are many Hollywood actors that are trying to keep their personal life away from the media, but s it possible to hide absolutely everything. I don’t think so. When you are popular like Wentworth Miller and you have an army of fans, and ladies that would gladly want to find out whether you are single, or taken; possibly married or divorced, people start asking questions. The Internet is flooded with the search of Wentworth Miller girlfriend, but what does the Internet get us in return? This might come shocking for most of you ladies but those that did search for Wentworth Miller girlfriend probably found out already that Wentworth Miller was dating Kristoffer Cusick.


Wentworth Miller’s relationships

There are many other names that are associated with Wentworth Miller, so on a Wentworth Miller girlfriend list we can find the names of Mariana Klaveno and Amie Bice. However, we are not sure whether to put the next two names on the Wentworth Miller girlfriend list and those are Luke Macfarlane and Mark Liddell. Wentworth Miller has never denied these statements and rumors but he told in an interview that he is waiting for the right lady. So, these maybe all just be rumors.

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